Eid Mubarak, taqqabal Allahu minna wa minkum

15 Jun 2018

Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh 


Eid Mubarak brothers and sisters to you and your families and friends. May Allah accept the efforts during Ramadhan from you and me. Aameen.




This year I wake up to an empty home with an ache that resembles that which my mother used to complain about, and unable to pray or read Qur'an and with no real plans of festivities. 


My daughter is with her father's family today.


My husband is with his.


And it's the first Eid without my mother who passed away on the 6th of Shawwal last year. 


Alhamdulillah. It seems like perfect conditions to focus on writing- I have not just reason but also necessity to use my words as a means of a little therapy.

The journey of navigating my daughter through a 'blended' family setting is now only really beginning as I continue my own home into a new chapter with my husband. I am so grateful to Allah for the accepting and understanding ways of my 'ex-mother-in-law' and her family, Alhamdulillah. May He, Ar-Rashid, guide them all to the straight path and continue to place understanding in their hearts, Aameen.


As the anniversary of my mother's passing approaches I find myself in a state of semi-denial, I think, in that in an effort to avoid being consumed by sadness I close off any thoughts of losing her as soon as it enters my mind. It helps me cope.


But I don't want to forget her.


I dreamt about my mum again last night, which is always satisfying. Alhamdulillah. Ya Allah, Ar-Rahman, protect mine and my family's hearts from sadness. Aameen.


It's first Eid with my husband, and I pray that Allah continues to make us the partners to each other that we asked and ask for, and that He, Al-Wadud, places more love and affection between us. Aameen.


I'm thinking of those of you who also woke up alone and who are celebrating alone, and to those of you to whom Eid still feels a little bit like just an ordinary day. May the love of Eid be placed in our hearts and may we be surrounded by people who we can enjoy it with us in ways that please You. Aameen.


Eid Mubarak, may it be a blessed day in whatever ways you are celebrating.

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