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Are you:

  • in need of some motivation and clarity to further your appreciation and understanding of the deen?

  • a new Muslim struggling to navigate through all of the information you've come across?

  • working at a grassroots level within your community to face the issues that society brings?


Or do you just love reading about Islam and social issues and solutions?

We give Muslims food for thought through Islamic think pieces and various free resources to enhance Islamic learning and practice.

We also give community organisers and organisers-to-be the inspiration, information and tools to put their ideas to work!


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A Modest Argument as a concept is to know the value in a topic worth presenting an 'argument' for (or against) and acknowledging that this means it's important to explore different perspectives and ideas, and consider different contexts and information. It also means appreciating that different opinions can exist because of different levels of knowledge on a subject, because of intentional ignorance (or refusal to hear conflicting ideas) and because of prejudice.

I know, it's a mouthful.


What you need to remember is A Modest Argument explores Islam and social issues and gives Muslims and community organisers the resources to do this.


I'm a Muslim convert so I know what it's like absorbing those first bits of information prior to and after accepting Islam. I remember navigating through sometimes conflicting information and trying to make sense of it all, trying to balance learning things quickly and learning things correctly, and protecting my faith from becoming something impersonal and purely academic. Now as an Islamic studies student, I share reflections and learning tools through our think pieces and resources.

Community development is what I do. My experience is largely in faith-based contexts and in interfaith and cohesion project management. Having developed and coordinated various projects and workshops for adults and young people, I write about learning curves and growth points, and give you templates and tools to support your own work.

Sound like something you need?

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